Imagination and creative flare

We are passionate innovative designers and craftsmen and apply that ethic to every project we undertake - using the latest materials and techniques to create the best outcome.

We work mainly with stainless steel and aluminium to fabricate solutions based both on our designs and on those supplied to us.  Our business activity is split into 3 key areas: (NB click on the reference below or use the left hand menu option to get more information)

  1. ARCHITECTURAL (Internal balustrades and handrails, External Balustrades, Bench tops, PoolsOther Stainless Steel FabricationSpiral Staircases, Brackets & Fixtures),
  2. MARINE, and

Our design work and products have been yielded as award quality - including the revolutionary Contab 'Revolving Table' (for more details see here>>).

We like a challenge and to work with those people who want to push the boundaries - so 'bring it on!'  (for contact details see here>>)


For photos and ideas on our architectural work: balustrades, handrails, pools, bench tops, brackets and fixture, spiral staircases, other stainless steel, click the link
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For information on Marine work click the link
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For more information on our work in Dairy and Food grade click the link
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Our revolving table, located at one of Brisbane's hottest new restaurants, The Coro
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